Devilsberg Motion Pictures

Devilsberg Motion Pictures

Devilsberg Motion Pictures is currently developing the following assets

Get It Made: buddy-com about two young dreamers in London.

Ontwricht: Thriller about a bum artist that faces off with the Dutch deep state Illuminati

Not a Murder: Who-dun-it with themes of class struggle and corruption

Broken-heart Hotel: Road-Drama about an abusive relationship and finding self-worth.

Togetherman Cinematic Universe: people believe they are superheroes. The central theme of this universe explores the ability of individuals to influence the societies they live in. Titles include:

  • Togetherman
  • Chaos Girl
  • Moon Coin Clown

Past Productions

Since its inception, Devilsberg Motion Pictures has prided itself in working with young up-and-coming directors like Erik Ros, Frank Hartman and Patrick Collins.