the 2019 Short film LA Break up

the 2019 Short film LA Break up

LA Break up is a short film which is set in LA against the challenging living conditions people find themselves in. It follows Jimmy and Gemma as they figure out how to balance dreams, love and living in LA.

LA Break up

The film is shot in LA in the spring of 2019 in West Hollywood over two days. Yelena Baykova, Ottomar De Anda and Erik Ros produced the script written by Erik Ros. The apartment used in the shoot was the apartment Erik was staying in and Otto’s girlfriend Shannon loaned us her car. Clothing was provided by the actors.

Tierney Michon and Otto De Anda portray the Roles of Gemma and Jimmy. Both talented actors delivered stellar performances. Especially when allowed to drift from the script and allow the characters to ‘breath’ in the moment.

Laura Basu helped out with catering and Francesco ‘Frankie’ Flores contributed as a camera operator.

The story is told in a impressionistic way, leaving a lot of room for the emotional gravity of the developments that are inspired by socio-economic circumstance.


Jimmy, an aspiring artist and construction worker in precarious conditions and Gemma an aspiring artist evaluate their options for prosperity. Faced with the harsh living conditions in LA they have to make hard choices to figure out what will sustain them.

LA Break up is currently touring the festival circuit.