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thousand-year legacy


sustainable leadership

Sustainability is a house that rests on three pillars: Finance, Community, and Nature. Any company that seeks to justify its existence, will need to find a balance on these pillars.

Introducing Circular finance, Democratic Leadership, Nature Representation.

Circular Finance

the fantom of infinite growth has plagued our societies for long enough. This pipedream alone is responsible for more harm to our planet than any other single concept or idea.

Devilsberg will help redefine financial goals and identify inequalities within organizations and the communities they are a part of and create a roadmap towards equability.

Democratic Leadership

Under-representation and over-representation at the leadership level have caused a great imbalance in the governance structures that have been created by democratic and non-democratic organizations around the world.

Devilsberg can help identify the voices that aren’t heard and organize democratic representation.

Nature Representation

Nature doesn’t need us, but we do need Nature to survive. We, therefore, need to represent nature on our boards to make sure our decisions are in line with what she can support.

Devilsberg represents nature on boards and helps organizations understand how they impact it through their value chain.